Pink Cookies Budder 1g

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Budder | Indica

$35 for 1g


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Budder refers to cannabis extracts with a creamy, buttery consistency. The consistency is comparable to a soft wax and is more forgiving to work with than shatter. Budder can be vaped, dabbed, rolled & smoked inside a joint or blunt, or even used in edibles.

2 reviews for Pink Cookies Budder 1g

  1. Lilangelwings (verified owner)

    User beware these Pink Cookies are extremely strong and must not be used by the novice. I usually do 8 dabs of shatter to get high, with this budder i only need 2 dabs and im glued to my couch followed by at least 8 hours of sleep lol!

  2. Lilangelwings (verified owner)

    This is hands down my favourite budder that I’ve ever had the pleasure to put in my lungs. The taste is so yummy i can’t get enough of it. I’ve bought 5 grams of it so far and definitely plan on buying lots more

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