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Indica Dominant Hybrid

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Being an indica dominant hybrid strain, Green Love Potion has an 80:20 indica/sativa ratio. The strain is produced by crossing Lavender and Black Domina. Green Love Potion stays true to its name and delivers a minty and lavender scent along with hash flavors for an unforgettable taste. Green Love Potion is known for its uplifting effects. In no time, you will feel euphoric and happy which is perfect for individuals having a horrible day as it is. But that is not all. It does not knock you out. In fact, it offers a clear-headed high which means you will find it easier to get things done. You will no longer have to worry about feeling confused and can actually focus on the task at hand. This is perhaps one of the reasons why the strain has been recommended to patients suffering from ailments, like anorexia, depression, stress and anxiety as well.

2 reviews for Green Love Potion | 1 OZ

  1. PJD (verified owner)

    Good smoke.
    Super tight buds.
    Nice high
    Would buy again.

  2. Clayton (verified owner)

    Rock Hard Buds. Tons of crystal. Smooth smoke and taste great. Good buzz that allows you to still function. Definitely ordering again

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