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If you are in constant search of the perfect cannabis product that suits your desired quality and budget, STOP your search NOW with Casa   We offer one the largest selections of Cannabis products in the online market, we guarantee you’ll find all the products that you want, and, for a fraction of the cost. With already low prices on buds and flower that start at $99 an ounce, we offer even more savings and benefits for every member that orders. Why wait?


Before you get started you will need a membership, it’s easy to apply and takes a few minutes. Once you have your account shop away, and if you have any questions contact us anytime.

1. Register and Shop

Take few a minutes to register for you Casa Cannabis account, and become a member. You’ll have great benefits to signing up. Then once you’ve logged into your start shopping away. If you have not registered or logged into go here.

2. Send Payment

All you need to do is visit your online banking, if you are a new customer setup your Interac E-Transfer details with the following information on this page.

3. Delivery to your Door

After we receive your payment, we package your order discreetly and ship your package via Xpress Post straight to your door. You will receive a tracking number so you can see the status of your package while it’s in transit.

Sales and Promos

Fast Shipping guarantees your package goes out the door the same day if we receive payment by 10:00am(PST). We use Canada Post Xpress shipping for all packages. So 2-3 business days and you will be enjoying your products. Every order will receive a tracking number to see the status of where your package is.

Lowest Prices knows how hard everyone works for their money, so we want to give people the best bang for their buck, great products at fair prices. It’s very important that we deliver High Quality, BC Grown Cannabis to our customers.

Casa Cash Rewards

Earn Casa Cash with every order you make, you can earn them, save them, or spend them on every future order you make. Casa Cash are non-transferrable points, and have no cash value. What are you waiting for, sign up for your account now.

Safe & Secure

 Safe and secure, Casa Cannabis is fully protected against hacks, and many other vulnerabilities. Our site data is protected by Sucuri firewall and all information transferred via https with a high encryption SSL certificate. We use the most updated technology possible to protect our business and more importantly YOU. If you have any concerns,  please contact us to discuss your concerns.

Largest Selection.

Casa Cannabis offers the widest range of cannabis strains in Canada, whether it’s a Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid – we have them all. We also carry a large range of the highest quality brands, whether it’s edibles, CBD, concentrates, or accessories, Casa Cannabis has everything you’re looking for in cannabis related products.

Top Quality

Casa Cannabis proudly selects the highest quality flower and brands to sell online. Their employees go through an intensive quality control inspection, and trial process. Casa Cannabis quality control is unmatched in the online cannabis industry. If you’re not happy, talk to us. Your happiness and satisfaction is our priority.


Indica effects are usually described as potentially calming, relaxing or sleep-inducing. Cannabis Indica plants tend to be short and stout and have compact, dense flower heads, they normally have shorter grow cycles, and can be grown in colder climates.


Sativa effects are usually described as potentially energizing, uplifting or mentally stimulating. Cannabis Sativa plants tend to be more willowy and narrow-leaved than Indica plants. Their flower heads are typically longer and less dense than those of the Indica species. Sativa’s growing cycles are typically longer, and are best suited in warmer climates.


Hybrid effects are usually described as being a mix of Indica and Sativa effects. Hybrids are a botanical cross between the Indica and Sativa species. As such, they have characteristics of both species. Hybrids can be Indica-dominant, Sativa-dominant or an equal blend of the two species. With various growing cycle times, Hybrids can be grown in all climates.

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